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No one wants to find out after a few weeks of fishing or cruising that your new equipment you found in that glossy magazine ad doesn’t do what you had intended for it to do. That’s why the most important step is choosing the right equipment the first time around.

Whether it is your first or fifteenth boat, the assistance of a professional would be invaluable to insure that your electronic system will meet your needs and expectations. While you can’t rely on the weather, you can rest assured that your equipment will work when you need it most.

A Martek representative will be able to determine the electronic system that best suits your needs. We have a history of designing and installing uncompromising electronic systems for safety, navigation, and communication aboard seagoing vessels. This experience combined with our up-to-date knowledge means quality and reliability in your navigation, communication, & safety electronics.


At Martek, we believe in well thought out, well planned, fully integrated electronic systems. We don’t believe in regrets, and you shouldn’t have any if you take the time to consult a Martek professional. Your representative can suggest the most popular arrangements that have proven to be convenient and why. Together, we can design your bridge or navigation station that is most convenient for you. Your control center will enable you to manage vessel movements, plan upcoming course changes, or talk with the skipper of an approaching ship.

Fine boat builders take great care in maintaining the lines of a boat. All the components fit together in a general scheme. This gives an overall “clean” appearance. At Martek, we believe that electronic systems should fall into the same “scheme” and enhance the overall “clean” look of your boat. We understand that many installations require much more than a simple “out-of-the-box” installation. When a custom-touch is needed here or there, we will happily go the extra mile to make your boat beautiful.


At this stage, all of the equipment you’ve smartly chosen must fall into the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, and experienced technician. Martek professionals demonstrate their many years of marine experience in each installation. Martek’s technicians and yacht riggers know the often overlooked “trouble spots” and use proven rigging techniques to protect such failures.

Other outfitters may use automotive-type wiring components or offhand installation practices, resulting in failure at times when you need your equipment most. Martek is well-known for reliability and high performance. This is why we have earned the respect of Mid-Atlantic Commercial Fishing Fleets who consistently choose Martek professionals.


Now that you are equipped with the finest electronic navigation, communication, and safety equipment available, let’s use it! You might be overwhelmed by the similarity between your bridge or navigation station and the cockpit of a jet fighter, but once a Martek specialist orients you to your new system, comfort, ability and control at your fingertips may become second nature to you.


After a few trips with your new electronics, you’ll become a real pro at utilizing your equipment for safe navigation, enjoyable passage making or going after and catching bigger and bigger fish. With confidence, you’ll program the position of your destination into your navigator, instruct the autopilot to steer you there, then glance at the radar picture to ensure a safe path — all because Martek professionals will take the time to show you.

You can rest assured knowing that your equipment will perform accurately, when you need it, because it was installed using the finest rigging techniques and accessories available.

Martek is factory authorized to repair and install major brands of marine electronics. We’re there for you, from choosing to installing to cruising!

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